Frequently Asked Questions

Just go to this page and fill out the simple contact form.  That will get the ball rolling and we will be in touch with you. Note: There is a small fee for a one year listing. We can not however guarantee they will obtain a pen pal.

It depends on the prison they are located in. If email service is available, it will be listed on the inmates profile with instructions.

Yes, many incarcerated individuals are not allowed access to the internet to place the listing themselves. We therefore allow family members and friends to place a profile on our site. Note: There is a small fee for a 1 year listing. 

No. The minimum listing price is in 1 year increments even if you wish to have it listed for a lesser time. 

Many of these women have no one else outside of the prison to communicate with. Writing a prisoner can lend moral support and encouragement for turning their lives around. It can also help the days pass until their release.

That is a very real possibility. As an adult, you are in control of the situation and the choice is always yours. If you want to be generous and help in that manner, ALWAYS use common sense. Many of the prisons allow books from publishers to be sent, or funds to be placed on their account to purchase music, emails, and personal care products within the confines of prison. 

Be yourself. You can introduce yourself and talk about anything that regular friends discuss. It’s alright to ask them why they are there and what their hopes and dreams are. Be aware that mail is monitored and sometimes censored. 

No, we use the information that is provided to us.

We do not list the criminal offense unless it is specifically requested when the listing is posted. As a potential pen pal, the responsibility rests with you to discover this information if so desired. There are services and resources available online where you can research this information. The women inmates posted on this site run the gamut of every crime imaginable…. and unimaginable.   

Each state has different requirements. Please check with the individual prisons to see what is allowed or not. Here are the mailing requirements for the Washington Corrections Center for Women

We strive to keep everything up to date, however, there are times that a girl gets released or transfered without letting us know. If you could email us at to let us know, it would be greatly  appreciated.  

Please email us at 

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