Ashley Evans

My name is Ashley, I prefer Leah. I currently have 24 months. I’m on a quest for mature companionship from men and women in the hopes of long-term friendships. During my free time I enjoy doing my passion, hair and make-up, playing chess, reading, and outside activities. I’m seeking someone that’s ambitious, open, mature, audacious, spontaneous. I’m an open book. I love to laugh and positive conversations. I enjoy messaging late, I’m a night owl. Talking on the phone. Write me at 815 SE Rice Road Topeka, KS 66607
And message me on GTL app.

Message me through GTL getting out

Facility: Topeka Correctional (KSDOC) – KS
Inmate Name: Ashley Evans
ID # 116820

My postal mailing address: 

Ashley Evans #116820
Topeka Correctional Facility
815 SE Rice Rd
Topeka, KS 66607

Must include your name and address and the inmate’s name, DOC# within the letter or the mail will not be delivered. Mail must have a return address (as defined by the USPS ), including an identifiable last name.

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