Ashley Parker

Hey! My name is Ashley. I’m 28 w/ blue eyes and a pretty smile. I’m a wild child w/ a gentle soul, am a lover of good people, good conversation, good books, and I’m always down for a good time. 😊 I’ve been here for 3 years and am getting lonely, craving some real connection. I’m looking for someone daddyish to vibe with; keep my mind off the drama, and keep me in line while I do this time. I’m interested in connecting with someone who can take care of me on a mental, emotional, and financial level, I’m just waiting on a perfect fit.

If this sounds like you, hit me up on / GA / Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office / Ashley Parker #19025246 . If you can’t find me there, please look me up on the GA department of corrections website to write me at my new location.

Message me through JailATM

State: Georgia
Facility: Gwinnett County Sherriff’s Office
Inmate Name: Ashley Parker
ID# 19025146

Postal mailing address (Post Cards Only): County Jail
Ashley Parker # 19025146
925B Peachtree St. NW, Box 2062
Atlanta, Ga 30309

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