Bethany Rogers

My name is Bethany Rogers, my opus number #1429704. I am looking for friends, fun, and building relationships that could possibly last a lifetime. Positivity and honesty are top priorities in my life. I enjoy intellectual conversations that help broaden my perspectives. I find peace in music, meditation and working out. I love the outdoors and country living is where my heart belongs. I am 26 years old long dark brown hair, around 5’7″ and 180lbs. If you would like to contact me, please use Getting Out (GTL) app using my name and opus.

You can message me on GettingOut 

Facility: NCDAC Anson CC
Inmate # 1429704
Inmate Name: Bethany Rogers
Prison: Anson Correctional Institution

Bethany Rogers # 1429704
Anson Correctional Institution
PO Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

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