Brandie Bullock

Hi, my name is Brandie and the best way to describe myself would be that I love to laugh and I’ve been told that I have a good sense of humor. I enjoy reading and writing and texting and having incredible open-minded conversations. I would love to meet people. My birthday is July 6th. I’m a mixed race African American woman who is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, I have naturally curly hair and a nice smile. I am attractive but I am more than just a pretty face. I love to sing and write music. I adore animals especially horses.

Would you like to know me? If so, to text me download the Getting Out app and my OPUS # is 0748200. My full name is Brandie Rae Bullock.

To write me, send it to Brandie Rae Bullock #0748200, Anson Correctional Institution,  P. O. Box 247, Phoenix, MD 21131.


Message me through GTL GettingOut

Facility: NCDAC Anson CC
Inmate name: Brandie Bullock
ID # 0748200
Prison: Anson Correctional Institution

Brandie Bullock #0748200
Anson Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

Include name and address in the letter. The return address must include the full first name and full last name of the sender. Do not use initials.

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