Brianna Galentine

Hello there! I’m Brianna, a vibrant and spirited 29-year-old who loves to make the most out of every day, no matter where I am. Currently, I’m residing at the South Boise Women’s Correctional Center, taking this time to focus on personal growth, learning, and planning for a brighter future.

I’m an open book with a love for deep conversations, exploring new ideas, and sharing laughs. My interests are diverse; I enjoy everything from reading and writing to staying active and trying out new craft projects. I believe in the power of positivity and try to spread a little sunshine wherever I can.I’m looking to connect with like-minded individuals who are open to building a friendship based on respect, understanding, and genuine care.

Whether it’s sharing stories, offering support, or just having a daily chat to brighten our days, I’m here for it all.If you feel like we could click, reach out! I’m excited to start a new chapter with friends who are supportive and encouraging.

Let’s learn from each other and make the time we have as enriching as possible!

Message me on JPay

State:  Idaho
Inmate ID# 0144559
Name: Brianna Galentine
Agency: Idaho Department of Corrections.

You can write me at the following address:

Brianna Galentine IDOC# 0144559  Unit 2-2-43B
SBWCC – South Boise Women’s Correctional Center 
P.O. Box 51
Boise, ID 83707

Do not send cash, personal checks or stamps.  The letter(s) inside must be addressed to the inmate on the envelope.

Mail must have a return address (as defined by the USPS), including an identifiable last name.

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