Cassie Parks

What’s up y’all? I’m Cassie. I’m 25 years old and I’m a true Pisces. Some of my interests include photography, reading, astrology, being outdoors, and anything artistic. I enjoy the simple things in life that others sometimes take for granted like aching sunset and stargazing. I try to be grateful for every little thing in my life. I love to bake just as much as I love to cook a homegrown meal. I have a carefree, “take life as it comes” energy. I know that tomorrow may not come and if it does .. You never really know what the day will hold. I have a drifter/gypsy soul but I long to find that special someone that I can settle down with and eventually build a family with. Until then, I’m just looking to make new friends and get to know different people who have lived different lifestyles than me.

Message me through GTL GettingOut 

Facility: Madison Parish LTCW: Womens Prison
Inmate: Cassie Parks
Booking # 003564

Write me at:

Cassie Parks # 3564
LTCW – Louisiana Transition Center for Women 
1005 W Green Street
Tallulah, LA 71282

Do not send cash, personal checks or stamps. The letter(s) inside must be addressed to the inmate on the envelope.
Mail must have a return address (as defined by the USPS ), including an identifiable last name.

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