Dana Reichart

Dana was my cellie and yes she’s in the county and got 17 months. So she needs and wants the time to go by and that’s by meeting new ppl. I fell in love with her eyes and smile the first time I met her and she is definitely someone you want in your life! She’s beautiful inside and out! If a thousand ppl write her well then she’s writing a thousand ppl back. I’m so blessed to have met her and anyone that comes in contact will feel the same.. plus she’s HOT!! Dana has about another ten months to go. And definitely a Philly girl you need in your life..

Message me through GTL GettingOut 

Facility: Bucks County PA
Name: Dana Reichart
Number: 2023003360

Mailing Address;

Dana Reichart # 2023003360
Bucks County Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

Include name and address in the letter. The return address must include the full first name and full last name of the sender. Do not use initials.

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