Heather Mogg

Well hello guys my name is Heather,
I guess I can start with I’m a Michigan girl and a true sports fan of the Lions & Tiger’s. I really enjoyed when I could go to the games whether they win or lose.
I enjoy the outdoors and doing hair, it was one of my favorite things to do. But now I find myself unable to do that let alone follow them, so if you decide to contact me I may be asking how and what they’re doing. I spend days now taking classes doing the other ladies hair and waiting. We have to wait for everything in here, it’s like time is in slow motion and it is lonely. I know there’s literally thousands of others in here and yet you can be alone.
It’s just there’s days when I would like to hear from someone not inside and more so a male voice to have a discussion about things and to be a sympathetic ear or too cheer me up when I am down and hey, I can be the same for you too. Kind of like team working. I am seriously looking to start new friendships and I’m open to starting a new possible long term relationship .
Well there’s a few facts about myself and if you are interested in little ol me you can text me or write me and who knows maybe you will let me know that you will accept calls from me and we can really get to know one another.

Message me through JPay.com.  

State: Michigan
Inmate ID# 738513
Name: Heather Mogg
Agency: Michigan Department of Corrections.

or Getting Out

Facility: MIDOC WHV Womens Huron Valley Correctional East West
ID# 0738513
Name: Heather Mogg

Mailing address: 

Heather Mogg #738513
Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility
3201 Bemis Road
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Please include your address in the body of the letter so that I may respond. I do not get the envelope.

Do not send cash, personal checks or stamps. The letter(s) inside must be addressed to the inmate on the envelope.

Mail must have a return address (as defined by the USPS), including an identifiable last name.

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