Jessica Hughes

IC Solutions for phone calls & Video Visits
Getting Out To send messages and pictures
Access to send money
My to send food and snacks
Amazon to send clothes shoes and books
Walmart to send clothes shoes and books
Barnes and Noble to send books
Shoe size: 6 women’s
Boots size: 4.5 boys big kids brown, black, tan only
Clothes: large
Underwear: size large or 9
Women’s bras:  Extra large or 38 sports bras only
All white no logos

Message me through GettingOut

Facility: Onondaga County NY Correctional Facility
ID Number: 02002414
Name: Jessica Hughes

My mailing address is:

Jessica Hughes # 02002414
Onondaga County Correctional Facility
6660 East Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville N.Y 13078

Do not send cash, personal checks, greeting cards, obscene materials, lewd language, or nude photographs.  On each page of your letter, include the person’s name and booking number. One page of the letter must have your mailing address.  The sender’s full name and physical address must be clearly written on the top left corner of the envelope. 

Here are more female inmates seeking pen pals. 

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