Kayla Quesenberry

Hello my name is Kayla. I am 33 years old and serving a 15 year sentence for conspiracy to sell drugs. I am an easy going fun loving person who loves to laugh and enjoys good conversation. I have changed my life and would like to go home and do things differently this time. If you would like to know more about me please feel free to write me. I look forward to hearing from you.

You can write me at the following address:

Kayla Quesenberry 22997084
FPC Alderson – B3
PO Box A
Alderson, WV 24910

Please note: Do not send photos printed on regular printer paper because then the mail is rejected.

“General correspondence” is opened and inspected by staff for both contraband and content that might threaten the security or good order of the institution. The letter(s) inside must be addressed to the inmate on the envelope.

Mail must have a return address (as defined by the USPS ), including an identifiable last name.

Write me a letter at the address above with your full name, mailing address and email address so I can add you to my approved contact list to correspond via Corrlinks.

Once you’re on my approved contact list, you’ll receive an email with an  identification code and instructions how to email me on Corrlinks.

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