Lisa Helton

26 yrs old from KY. I get out in March. I’ve got two kids and I want them to have a good life.
Add money to cash app to txt $sk8baby859
My number is 502-215-0667

Text Me (Chirp): 502-215-0667

Please be aware that chirps do cost me. To add funds go to 

State: Kentucky
Facility: Bullitt County Detention Center
Inmate Name: Lisa Helton
ID# 318997

My postal mailing address is:

Lisa Helton # 318997
Bullitt County Detention Center
1671 Preston Hwy
Shepherdsville, KY 40165

All mail must be in a plain envelope with no other markings except the address and stamp. Mail must have a return address including an identifiable last name.

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