Liz Ceballos

Hey, my name is Liz, I’m 5’5″ and have long curly brunette hair a little past my shoulders. I’m finishing out a 2-year sentence on a probation violation at VA Correctional Center for Women. Luckily, my release date is this year in October. It’s gotten pretty lonely here, being all by myself and I figured I could find a penpal here I can click with. I’m looking for something that’s mutually beneficial, maybe someone I can have a fresh start with; a man who can provide emotional, physical and financial support. A gentleman, one who is mature and generous with his time. Hopefully, you’ll be interested in the same things that I am. I enjoy reading from authors such as Eco, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, Clive Barker, Rushdie and Tolkien, just to name a few. I’m interested in mythos and ancient histories and the birth and art of the language or culture embedded within them. I enjoy drawing, painting or the study of botany in my spare time. If our interests differ, don’t worry. I’m sure we can find something in common 😉 I can’t wait to get to know you!

Message me through JPay.

State: Virginia
Inmate ID # 1572273
Name: Liz Ceballos
Agency: Virginia Department of Corrections.

You can write me at the following address:

Liz Ceballos # 1572273
Virginia Correctional Center for Women (VCCW)
P.O. Box 1
Goochland, VA 23063

Do not send cash, personal checks or stamps. The mail will be rejected and returned to you at the inmate’s expense. The letter(s) inside must be addressed to the inmate on the envelope.
Mail must have a return address (as defined by the USPS ), including an identifiable last name.

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