Marisa Johnson

Hi! My name is Marisa! I am 41years young! As I am winding down the last two years of my sentence, I find myself interested in finding good people… Male or female… to add to life. Is that you? I am a mother of two beautiful daughters- My pride & joys! During this time I’ve done a lot of soul searching and self improvement to improve my quality of life once released. I enjoy scrapbooking, sports – mainly basketball, animals, and I LOVE to laugh. I owned and operated a beautiful dog kennel, and I’m a thrill seeker/adrenaline junkie. If you’d like to get to know more about me message me on the “Getting Out texting app”… I’d like to get to know u as well!!

Message me through GTL GettingOut

Facility: NCDAC Anson CC
Inmate name: Marisa Johnson
ID # 0698730
Prison: Anson Correctional Institution – North Carolina

Marisa Johnson #0698730
Anson Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

Include name and address in the letter. The return address must include the full first name and full last name of the sender. Do not use initials.

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