Martina Wyatts

Hey everyone! my name is Martina, but people call me Cupcake! I’m completely psyched to meet new acquaintances and get to know you all better. Right now I’m serving a 15 year sentence that I’ve done almost 13 flat years on and honestly it gets lonely sometimes on this little adventure, so I’ve decided it’s time to spread my wings and mingle! For friends or a relationship!

So let me fill you in on me; I’m a chocolate girl, smart yet eager to learn everyday, fun to be around (life of the party), 5’3, 145lbs, curvy yet athletically built, love to laugh, but I have an extremely sexy side to me as well that loves to cater to my person, some college education (while incarcerated obviously), all about family, and will hopefully start my own! I’m in great shape, and I have goals to accomplish so if you take a shot at me, you won’t be dissatisfied! Go to link your email, add my name to your contacts, set up a JPay with your info and jpay me! I’ll email you back on these nice new tablets we were just issued! hope to hear from you soon!

Prison is where I am, it is where I currently reside, but it is not where my head is! I welcome any conversation, way of life, lifestyle, and I’d love to get to know your thoughts! I have been contacted by all sorts of people and asked if I’d be interested in TV shows that are directed towards inmates leaving prison and getting with penpals or strangers on video like a reality show and if anyone is open to that also contact me and let me know what you think! Ultimately, I want a life with someone else who can be open to adventure and knowledge! I’ve been away for 13 years and although I’m super hot, and smart, I lost my lost my life at just 16 y/o so I want to explore just not alone and I need friends to also explore with!)

[ single, bisexual, 29. Hobbies: cook, clean, sew, bake, exercise, sing, dance, write music, would like to do book and love after lockdown TV show, have some tattoos also ]

Message me at  Securus and JPay.

State: Texas
Inmate ID# 01799638
Name: Martina Wyatts
Agency: Texas Dept of Criminal Justice.
Prison: Murray Unit

My postal mailing address is:

Martina Wyatts # 01799638
Dr. Lane Murray Unit
1916 North Hwy 36 Bypass
Gatesville, TX 76596

Do not send cash, personal checks or stamps.  The letter(s) inside must be addressed to the inmate on the envelope.
Mail must have a return address (as defined by the USPS ), including an identifiable last name.

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