Sherry Allison

I am looking for more true opportunities for learning and personal growth, emotionally, and spiritually. I love to share true connections with others. Good conversation and honest communications, and being open to new ideas are very important. Playing games I don’t do…. Just want to be true to myself. I am looking for someone extra special.

Connect through Paytel:

State: Georgia
Facility: Heard County Jail
Inmate: Sherry Allison # 74033

Write me at the following address:

Heard County Jail
Sherry Allison # 74033
11820 Ga Hwy 100
Franklin, GA 30217

All incoming mail must have a return address on the envelope. No mail will be allowed that has any extra writing or graphics on the envelopes.

Pictures that are sent to inmates must not contain any nudity, depict violence or depict illegal activity. Any letter with explicit sexual content will not be allowed. If any mail contains any of the items listed above, the entire envelope and everything in it will be returned to sender.

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