Teryn Applegate

My name is Teryn, I don’t know what you’re looking for, but let me tell you what you’ve found. I’m an outgoing, open-minded, big-hearted girl. My choices that landed me here have only made me realize that life is too short, and I want a better life. I’m a captivating and intriguing woman seeking connection in the midst of this unique journey.

Message me through Securus

State: Kentucky
Inmate ID# 302548
Inmate Name: Teryn Applegate
Facility: Kentucky Adult Institutions
Prison: Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women

You can write to me at:

Teryn Applegate # 302548
KCIW – Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women
P.O. Box 337
Pewee Valley, KY 40056

Must use white paper/envelope only. No address labels. Put full name/address on envelope. Mail must have a return address (as defined by the USPS), including an identifiable last name.

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