Christina Wright

Hi, I’m Ms. Right! I’m a blonde, natural, weight is 164 lbs. I am interested in friendship, getting to know someone and if it goes further, that’s fine. My out date is subject to change due to classes I am in which will improve my out date. I enjoy music, volleyball and continue to better educate myself to help others .
I am wanting or interested in getting to know someone kind, compassionate, giving, funny and enjoys conversation.

I can email you or write. but nobody writes letters anymore and email is soooooo much easier, faster, and better. I, again, am interested in getting to know you and vibe. I hope to hear from you soon! Get to know me, I’m fun all the way around!

Listen, I’m a very hygienic person, but the prison here does not even provide us any free basic hygiene products, like soap or shampoo! Those simple items must all be purchased, but I’m currently very poor, broke, and have no family to help. Its not required at all, but I’d love it and I’d appreciate it, If you’d consider making a small donation in order for me to be able to buy those types of very necessary things.

So instead of donating to big churches with huge admin costs, or large corporate non-profit charitable organizations, where the executives just take most of the donations for themselves, via HUGE salaries; now you can easily just donate directly to someone that’s poor and in need, like me, at!

Listen its ez to email me! So if you are new TO THIS I WILL help you learn how ok: go to or, they are linked! This works on any browser ok. they have a mobile app too but you won’t need it if you just select ‘desktop site’ if using a browser on any mobile device. then click signup, create a username and password of your choice.
Then it asks you your email, name, address etc, but if you use any prepaid debit or gift card, you can just input any information you want because gift cards wont care about any names matching the card, get it john doe?
I myself will never find out your personal information either! This can all be done totally anonymously!
its going to then email you to verify your email, so you must put a valid email address at least.
then you log in. Its going to ask you to search the inmate you want. my info is below. it asks what state; AZ. Then tell it search inmate by number (click the number selection); 352993 .then it asks which facility. this facility is the top 1 or 2 facilitys listed there; the facility name wont even match mine exactly but that’s ok, it will still just do a successful search using that. then the name pops up as Christina Wright and you click on it.
then it will tell you if you want to email me, that you must buy digital ‘stamps’. you spend 5 bucks to get 20 stamps. each stamp costs just 25 cents and lets you email me, up to 10 pages of text! then you can start talking to me and asking me any questions or anything you want.

It’s so simple, please try it right now!

Christina Wright #352993
A.S.P.C. Perryville
P.O. Box 3200
Goodyear, Arizona 85338

weight; 174 bmi:21 (fit)
Height: 5’9″ 36C-26-32
Education: G.E.D., Associate’s Culinary Arts
Occupation before prison: Commercial and Residential House Cleaning
Activities in prison: School, classes, volleyball, cards, music, tablet games, etc.
Anything Else? I try to stay busy and excel in what I do!
Would you like messages from either gender? yes, Both
Can you receive email? Yes
If yes which email service? Via OR (same company)
Can you respond to email? Yes, and I will reply fast! we get personal tablets, and I’m never too busy to reply!

E-message me through Securus

State: Arizona
Facility: AZ DOC Inmate Services
Name: Christina Wright
ID# 352993

You can write me at the following address:

Christina Wright # 352993
ASPC Perryville – Santa Cruz Unit
P.O. Box 3200
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Do not send cash, personal checks or stamps.  The letter(s) inside must be addressed to the inmate on the envelope.

Mail must have a return address (as defined by the USPS), including an identifiable last name.

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